About Us

Dastan-E-Hyderabad is a startup company based out of Hyderabad. We are a small group of Hyderabadis who know a lot about city’s rich heritage and culture and like to help out all of you who visit the land of Nizams.

We decided to share our knowledge with our visitors.
Travelers, foodies, couples, bloggers, riders, history buffs there is something for everyone here in Hyderabad.

We make sure that you make the best of your visit to Hyderabad. In order to do that, we have 3 packages which are 100% customization which will cater to every ones need.

We’ve also kept in mind the situation of a first-time traveler who’s mind is stressed worrying about the schedules for bus and trains, worried that you would miss the wonders of our great city. To take all that stress from you, we have already taken care of everything.

The packages are as follows.
Packages: –

This pack consists of the luxury stay in Hyderabad. Stay in the great palaces that were once home to the late Nizam himself.
To know more about the pack contact us.

Live the high life of the city. The pack consists of a great stay, Food and plenty of outdoor activity for the whole family.
To know more about the pack please contact us.

Live through the pages of the history of this magnificent city. Discover the fine living of the Nizams and find yourself becoming a part of it. This pack caters more towards an audience who come to see history.
To know more about the pack contact us.